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2018 is drawing to a close and it’s time for another 3DPPVD holiday party. This is our 7th annual celebration of our community and we hope you will join us to help celebrate the community 3D printing has helped bring together in our little state. Always one of our most fun meetings of the year, we will have ornament prints and snacks for tasting. If you would like to bring a snack or beverage to share, we encourage you but we know how busy this time of year can be so don’t miss the meeting if you don’t have time to bring something. This meeting is totally free and open to everyone, including (even especially) new visitors who have never joined us before. We will be meeting on Wednesday, December, 12th starting at 7PM at Ocean State Maker Mill.

Transforming 2D graphics into 3D objects is an easy way to create signs, name tags, templates, and more. This month we will talk about how to find great graphics you can use, edit them to fit your needs, and turn them into  3D objects perfect for printing.

Join us on Wednesday August 8th, 2018 for this free and open to the public meeting. The doors at Ocean State Maker Mill will open at 7pm and we will start the presentation shortly after.


3D printing pens can be useful tools and creative outlets. Broken prints can be fixed, objects can be drawn, two parts can be welded together, or art can be transformed from 2D into 3D. Just like there are different types of 3D printers, there are also different types of 3D printing pens. This month, we are going to have some fun exploring the potential of 3D printing pens. Join us Wednesday, May 11th at Ocean State Maker Mill at 7pm to draw like you’ve never drawn before. This event, like always, is free and open to the public.  We will have a variety of different pens available for everyone to try out, including the 3Doodler and CreoPop.


September is here and it brings our third meeting on Wednesday September 12th. This time Matt Donley of is taking the reigns to give everyone an introduction to one of the most popular tools for getting started in 3D design. Even if you are a whiz at Sketchup Matt is sure to have some tips to help you take your design to the next level. This meeting like always is free and open to the public. Things will get started around 7pm with plenty of time to hang out and discuss everything going on in the 3d printing world after the presentation.