While many strive for the smoothest surface possible from their 3D prints, this isn’t the only (and sometime best) option available. New modes and options in Cura have recently expanded the possibilities of what you can get out of your print. Join us tonight, Wednesday June 12th 2019, for a look at these new modes and a discussion of how they can be used.

Like always, this meeting is free and open to everyone of all experience levels. Doors will open at 7pm at Ocean State Maker Mill and the meeting will start a little after that with open discussion going well into the evening. We hope to see you there!

We have had a few talks in the past about 3D scanning using low cost handheld solutions, now it’s time to go pro. Join us on Wednesday, March 13th as Chris Wilczewski, a Design Account Manager for FARO Technologies shares with us a demo of one of their premier products: the
FARO Design Scan Arm 2.5C with 8 Axis Turntable.

3D scanning pared with 3D printing is a great way to recreate an existing item that you need to copy or modify but might not have the original design for. While low-cost 3D printers have become good enough to rival many of their expensive professional counterparts, 3D scanning is still best left to the pros as consumer level scanners often produce a less than optimal scan quality.

This meeting is free and open to everyone. Doors will open at 7PM at Ocean State Maker Mill with the presentation starting shortly after.

Neither snow, nor rain, nor lack of our favorite filament will stop us from our monthly 3DPPVD meetings. It might be snowy and cold out there but we will be heating things up to make our DIY valentines with custom chocolate molds. Bring a chocolate bar to melt down and join us on Wednesday, February 13th at 7 pm. Like normal, we will be meeting at Ocean State Maker Mill and the meeting is free and open to the public.

2018 is drawing to a close and it’s time for another 3DPPVD holiday party. This is our 7th annual celebration of our community and we hope you will join us to help celebrate the community 3D printing has helped bring together in our little state. Always one of our most fun meetings of the year, we will have ornament prints and snacks for tasting. If you would like to bring a snack or beverage to share, we encourage you but we know how busy this time of year can be so don’t miss the meeting if you don’t have time to bring something. This meeting is totally free and open to everyone, including (even especially) new visitors who have never joined us before. We will be meeting on Wednesday, December, 12th starting at 7PM at Ocean State Maker Mill.

There is no greater maker holiday than Halloween! From costumes to haunted houses, this is your chance to show off your skills for smiles or scares. While every abandoned store front in town is filled with stores to sell you your props, we have 3D printers, let’s put them to use. We will pull together some Halloween prints from the internet and our personal collections but we encourage you to bring your costumes and accessories to show the group.

This meeting as always is free and open to everyone of any 3D printing skill level. We will be meeting at Ocean State Maker Mill at 7pm on Wednesday October 10th.

Transforming 2D graphics into 3D objects is an easy way to create signs, name tags, templates, and more. This month we will talk about how to find great graphics you can use, edit them to fit your needs, and turn them into  3D objects perfect for printing.

Join us on Wednesday August 8th, 2018 for this free and open to the public meeting. The doors at Ocean State Maker Mill will open at 7pm and we will start the presentation shortly after.

Blender is a powerful modeling tool for 3D printing. We will take a look at some tools within Blender like Tissue and Sverchok to create complex objects and textures quickly using basic building blocks. This meeting will be lead by our resident Blender expert Kelly Egan who has previously shared his Blender expertise with us with his Intro To Blender presentation.

This meeting is free and open to the public. Doors will open and 7pm at Ocean State Maker Mill and the meeting will start shortly after that. Don’t worry if you are new to the group or know nothing about Blender, this is a perfect time to come introduce yourself and learn something new about this useful tool and 3D printing.

March is here and we are still getting pounded by snow but mother nature can’t stop us from firing up the printers and spending an evening chatting about 3D printing. We haven’t planned a specific topic for this month but instead will have more time for most people’s favorite part, socializing and chatting about random topics. Join us at 7pm at Ocean State Maker Mill for our monthly get together, open and free to all.

We are bringing back an old favorite to help you celebrate valentines this year, 3D printed chocolate molds! This Wednesday, February 14th, come out to Ocean State Maker Mill for this month’s 3DPPVD and bring a Hershey’s chocolate bar to turn it into a chocolate treat. We will have a couple molds for you to pick from with some silly 3D printed Valentine’s wishes on them. Doors will open at 7pm but don’t worry if you are running late, we will be making chocolates all evening long.

As always, this meeting is free and open to everyone. Ocean State Maker Mill is located in the old mill at 80 Fountain Street, but our entrance is in the back parking lot near the corner of Middle and Blackstone.  Look for our sign at the door near the fire escape.

So you got a new 3D printer for the holidays, you unpacked it, tried setting it up, downloaded something from thingiverse, but you just aren’t getting the results you hoped for. Well we are here to help. Stop by Ocean State Maker Mill this Wednesday, January 10th, to get some help from our team of experienced experts with your new printer.

Didn’t get a new printer but want some help tuning up old faithful?  You are invited too – in fact, EVERYONE IS INVITED!!!! If no one comes with printers, we will hang out and talk about other 3D printing related subjects because we love this stuff.

The meeting starts at 7pm and will run till at least 10. You don’t have to come for the entire time if you are not a night owl and don’t worry if you are running late, this one will be super informal. Ocean State Maker Mill is located at 80 Fountain Street in Pawtucket but our entrance is around back in the back of the lot located at the corner of Middle and Blackstone, look for the door under the fire escape. We hope to see you there and can’t wait to see what Santa Claus brought you.