Monthly Archives: May 2013



Well, as any of you on the mailing list know we are fast on our way to our first printer build event. Last night Jason, Dan, Simon, Kelly, and Andrew made their way through tapping all of the extrusion for the kits. This get’s us a long way towards being ready for our build weekend but there is still lots to do. ¬†With all of this going on we are taking this month to work on prepping for our build. If you are interested in seeing what all goes into putting this kind of event on or want to help us in our prep then please join us tonight (Wednesday, May 8th, 2013) at 7pm at AS220 Labs. If you are having bot problems and need some help feel free to bring your bot down too and we will try to get you up and running. As normal there will be tons of discussion about the current trends and topics in 3D printing also.