Monthly Archives: March 2015



For our April meeting we are teaming up with ColorFabb (makers of BronzeFill, CopperFill, and BambooFill) and 3D Hubs to present a collection of ColorFabb’s unique materials. The highlight will be an introduction to their new XT-CF20, a carbon fiber infused filament designed for parts that need some extra strength. While the event itself is free to attend like all of our other events, attendees can pre-order sample kits that will feature a variety of different Colorfabb filaments including XT-CF20. These kits are available at a reduced cost and are a great way to get started with trying these new materials without investing in large spools of costly material. To purchase your “ticket” (sample pack), please check out the event page.

This meeting will be starting at 7pm on Wednesday April 8th at Ocean State Maker Mill.



Over the past few months, the team at Ocean State Maker Mill have been working hard on a big project and we are about to “launch” it. Come join us this Wednesday (3/11/15), to be one of the first to get a peek at what we have been doing. The event will start at 7pm and as always is free to the public. As you can see from the photo above, even Einstein is pumped for this!

Also, tickets are on sale for our April Colorfabb event. Be sure to get your ticket today to ensure you get your own sample kit of filament from Colorfabb as we show off some of their new and exciting products.