Monthly Archives: July 2013


This month marks 1 year since our first 3DP PVD meeting and I couldn’t be happier that it has made it this long. No presentation this month, instead we will hang out and play with some bots, discuss everything we did this year, and discuss where we want to go with year 2. We have many regulars who have been with us since the beginning and many more who have stopped in from time to time. We encourage all of you to come back this month and meet everyone. The meeting will start at 7 pm on Wednesday, July 10th, at AS220 Labs as usual.


3D printing is changing the way we create products and do business and now this is evident right here in Rhode Island. Go Go Dynamo from Providence is running a Kickstarter to help launch their new line of customizable toys, the Modibot. Wayne, the creator of Modibot has been a frequent attendee at our meetings and we hope to soon have him in to talk about his process for designing these toys and using Shapeways to produce products.

Modibot only has a few days to go before the end of their Kickstarter campaign so please consider backing them now to help them reach their goal!

Modibot Kickstarter