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Sometimes logistics fail and your “backup to your backup plan” doesn’t work out. So this month, sadly, doesn’t have a theme and is just a hangout (which is what we all enjoy anyways).

Join us tonight – Wednesday October 14th – from 7pm to 11pm at Ocean State Maker Mill to hang out and talk all things 3DP. We have a bunch of new machines in right now that are worth checking out, and I will be working on my 3DP ukulele. This “event” is free and open to the public, so don’t feel bad about stopping in if it’s your first time. Don’t worry though, we are working on some great things for the next few months – including some major guests and holiday themed events.



The 3DPPVD and OSMM teams have been hard at work the past few months, and are still full speed ahead! We have been working hard at the Instructables Makerspace contest, showing at numerous events, and taking leading roles in this year’s Make: Magazine Digital Fabrication guide. Join the team on Wednesday, September 9th, to check out some of the projects we have been working on and possibly still are! This event is free and open to the public, doors will open at 7pm at Ocean State Maker Mill.



STL files are the most popular file format for 3D printing, but that doesn’t always mean it’s the best file format. STL files are hard to manipulate in many design suites and are very easy to export with errors. So when you need to fix or modify an STL, what tools should you reach for to get the job done?

This Wednesday, August 12th 2015, we will dig into some of our favorite tools for STL manipulation. Join us at 7pm at Ocean State Maker Mill (80 Fountain Street, Unit 318, Pawtucket, RI) for this presentation along with our normal social hangout and banter. This event, as always, is free and open to the public. Don’t worry if you are new to 3D printing, we welcome everyone of all skill ranges.




We formed 3DPPVD as a way to bring people who were interested in 3D printing in Rhode Island together. Now, three years later, we have accomplished more than we could have hoped for and continue looking into the future. In the past year we have shown at three Maker Faires from coast to coast, and multiple events here in Rhode Island. Our core members formed Ocean State Maker Mill, the only members-run makerspace in Rhode Island where we continue working on new amazing projects. We created the Moat Boat Paddle Battle, which debuted at Bay Area Maker Faire, and is poised to become a regular fixture of Maker Faires across the country. 3DPPVD’s founder Matt Stultz has become the 3D Printing lead for Make Magazine, and 4 of our members will participate in this year’s annual Make 3D Printer Shootout.

It’s a year to celebrate, and this Wednesday July 8th, we will do just that! Join us at 7pm at Ocean State Maker Mill (80 Fountain St, Pawtucket, RI) to commemorate the past three years of 3DPPVD and help us plan the next year to come. This event is free and open to everyone. We will have cake and some refreshments – and while it’s not required for anyone to bring anything, feel free to bring snacks, beer, soda, or other goodies to share. If you have printed anything super cool and want to show it off to the group, please bring that along too!



The first races of the Moat Boat Paddle Battle were run at Maker Faire Bay Area last month, and we are happy to report that it was a huge success! Join us this Wednesday, June 10th, to play with our test boats, see some slides from the races, and find out more about our plans moving forward for this awesome series of events. We will also have 3D printing demos running and the usual chatter about the current state of 3D printing. As normal, we will be meeting at Ocean State Maker Mill at 7pm. This event is totally free and open to anyone of any interest or skill level in 3D printing.




This is a busy month for the 3DPPVD and Ocean State Maker Mill crew. A few of us, including our organizer (Matt Stultz), will be out in California for the Bay Area Maker Faire representing Rhode Island. Not to worry though, 3DPPVD and OSMM member Kelly Egan creator of the PonyTrope, will be giving a demo of Blender. Blender is a powerful and open source 3D modeling tool used not only for 3D printing but also for games and visual effects in film.

As usual, this meeting is free and open to everyone of all experience levels. The meeting will begin at 7pm at Ocean State Maker Mill, 80 Fountain St, Pawtucket, RI. We look forward to seeing you all there.



For our April meeting we are teaming up with ColorFabb (makers of BronzeFill, CopperFill, and BambooFill) and 3D Hubs to present a collection of ColorFabb’s unique materials. The highlight will be an introduction to their new XT-CF20, a carbon fiber infused filament designed for parts that need some extra strength. While the event itself is free to attend like all of our other events, attendees can pre-order sample kits that will feature a variety of different Colorfabb filaments including XT-CF20. These kits are available at a reduced cost and are a great way to get started with trying these new materials without investing in large spools of costly material. To purchase your “ticket” (sample pack), please check out the event page.

This meeting will be starting at 7pm on Wednesday April 8th at Ocean State Maker Mill.



Over the past few months, the team at Ocean State Maker Mill have been working hard on a big project and we are about to “launch” it. Come join us this Wednesday (3/11/15), to be one of the first to get a peek at what we have been doing. The event will start at 7pm and as always is free to the public. As you can see from the photo above, even Einstein is pumped for this!

Also, tickets are on sale for our April Colorfabb event. Be sure to get your ticket today to ensure you get your own sample kit of filament from Colorfabb as we show off some of their new and exciting products.



February is here and love is in the air…. and so are pennies! This month we are going to have a little fun and bring back one of our most talked-about events from the past: Seej. Seej is a table top game played with 3D printed catapults, blocks, and flags. Pennies are hurled across a table in an attempt to knock down your opponents’ flags. We last had a Seej battle in November of 2013, and many of you have been demanding its return. Feel free to bring your own catapults to battle (we will provide a couple sets).

If you are more of a lover than a fighter – don’t worry, we will have a safe zone where we can enjoy our typical 3D printing banter and you can find out more about OSMM. We will kick things off at 7pm on Wednesday, February 11th, and as usual, this event is totally free and open to the public. If you’ve never joined us before, this is a great night to come hang out, have some fun, and meet the crew!



The new year is upon us, and we hope everyone had happy hacker holidays!

If you were on Santa’s nice list and he brought you a 3D printer this year, you might be wondering what to do next or needing a little help. Never fear, 3DPPVD is here!

On Wednesday, January 14th, during our monthly meeting, the printer clinic will be open. Bring out your printer and we will be happy to take a look at any issues you might be having and help you get your printer whirring away. Of course, even if your machine is not brand new but needs a tuneup, we welcome it too.

This event – like all of our monthly meetings – is free and open to the public. If you don’t have a printer but are just interested in finding out more about 3D printing, this is a perfect time to come learn more. The meeting will kick off at 7pm in the new Ocean State Maker Mill space (80 Fountain St, Pawtucket, RI 02860, Unit 318).