We are excited to be participating in the Rhode Island Mini Maker Faire for the second year in a row. The Rhode Island Mini Maker Faire will be held Saturday, October 11th from 11am-6pm in downtown Providence. This Wednesday, we will be meeting to preview some of our plans for MMFRI along with our standard 3D printing banter.

We are also excited to announce a new location for our meetings: Focus Vision Media in Pawtucket, RI. Focus Vision Media is an amazing marketing company pushing the boundaries of how products are presented to consumers. The Focus team is excited about rapid prototyping and the great talent pool that the 3DPPVD team has brought together. The Focus office is in a beautifully renovated factory with numerous other innovative organizations where we will feel at home.

Join us on Wednesday, October 8th beginning at 7pm at 80 Fountain Street, Pawtucket, RI. This meeting is free and open to all. If you are just starting out or have only heard of 3D printing but are curious and want to learn more, we would love for you to join us and learn from our team.


As we each continue to grow our individual 3D printer stables, there comes a point where it can make sense to put our printers to work doing more than just printing the items of our desires. A few companies have tried to find a way to allow printer owners to connect with those looking to get items printed, but few have done it well or have hit a critical mass to draw enough attention to make it all work.

This month, we will introduce you to 3D Hubs – a company that seems to have gotten it right. With over 6,000 members offering the services of their 3D printers worldwide, 3D Hubs is a growing community whose simple interface makes the process of connecting customers and printer owners easy and efficient. We will cover the basics of getting set up on 3D Hubs to help any of our members interested with getting started with putting their printers to work.

Of course – as always – this is also a social meeting and everyone is invited!  If you’ve never attended one of our meetings before, they are free and open to the public. No mater what your experience level, you are invited to come join us and share in our love for 3D printing. This meeting will be held again at the igus headquarters (257 Ferris Avenue, East Providence, RI 02916), and we couldn’t be happier to announce this! So join us on Wednesday, August 13th at 7PM for all the 3D printing fun.




This month we will be celebrating two amazing years of 3DPPVD!  Join us again at the igus headquarters in East Providence, RI (257 Ferris Avenue, East Providence, RI 02916) on Wednesday, July 9th. This will be a social meeting to discuss the past two years and plan the next year ahead. If you have a printer or 3DP project you would like to show off (or get help with), bring it along to show the group. This event, as always, is free and open to anyone of any skill/experience level and will be starting at 7pm.


Rhode Island my be a small state but it’s packed with opportunity and  sometimes being so close together amazing things happen. 3DPPVD is very excited to announce that we are working in partnership with the world leader in plastic composite linear motion products, igus (yes, they don’t capitalize their name). igus is a german company but their US headquarters is rooted firmly right here in Rhode Island in East Providence. You may have heard some of us talk about igus before, all of the linear guides in the 3DPPVD CastMax printers are from igus, we are big fans.

The igus team like the 3DPPVD team have realized that 3D Printing is going to be a big part of our future. To help drive that future, igus is releasing a new filament to the market, tribo, that is designed to help withstand mechanical wear. This means not only can you purchase bushings from igus for your project, you can also design and print your own.

igus and 3DPPVD are working on some big plans for the future and to kick things off, we are hosting June’s meeting at the igus head quarters in East Providence. As usual this meeting is free and open to the public and all skill/interest levels. We will be getting started at 7pm on Wednesday, June  11th. The new igus HQ is located at: 257 Ferris Avenue, East Providence, RI 02916. If you are planning on attending, please shoot me an email to let me know so we can get the igus team some rough numbers. Oh and don’t forget to bring your printer along to show it off to the group. We look forward to seeing you all there!


Our May meeting is here and we are pleased to announce that 3DP PVD is making some big changes. Firstly, we are changing the location of our meetings, this month we will be meeting at Digital City. Digital City is located at 131 Washington Street, this is the same building that we have met at in the past, just down the hall. We will be kicking off this Wednesday May 14th at 7pm. Along with our announcements, we will be getting together for our normal jovial banter regarding the happenings in the 3D printing world. If you have a printer that you would like to show to the group (or one that you would like the group to help you fix), please feel free to bring it along. This meeting like always is free and open to the public. If you feel like bringing snacks or beverages, that would be great but is not required. We look forward to seeing you there.



It’s time for our April meeting and this month we are going to hold off on any organized presentation and instead give more time towards showing off (or working on) our bots.  Feel free to bring in your printer or any projects you want to present to the group. Snacks and drinks are always appreciated but are not required. Of course as always, this meeting is free and open to new comers. We will be kicking off at 7pm at AS220 Labs on Wednesday, April 9th.


Many of you have asked to learn more about the free open source 3D modeling tool, Blender. This month longtime 3DPPVD member Kelly Egan will guide us through the basics of using this powerful but daunting tool. From Kelly on the presentation:

Blender may have been designed for CG Animation but like many other 3D design tools they are adding features to help with 3D printing. In this presentation I’ll talk about those features, how I have designed a few 3D printed items using Blender and some of the benefits parts and drawbacks to using a animation package for solid modeling.

Join us Wednesday, March 12th at 7pm for this and our usual banter and idea exchange. This meeting is free and open to the public and will be held at our usual location, AS220 Labs on Lucy Way in the Mercantile block.

2014-02-09 18.07.47This month we will be showing off our love of 3D printing by creating Valentines gifts. New filaments are in the process of becoming FDA approved for food uses and we will employ one of them to demo casting chocolate hearts. Please join us as we melt our snow laden blues away with these sweet treats. The event is free and open to the public as always. We encourage you to bring some chocolate along for the melting if you would like to try your hand at the process. We will kick off at 7PM at AS220 Labs tonight February 12th.


Tis the season for giving and if the shipping numbers from some of our favorite 3D printing manufacturers are any indication, some of you are getting 3D printers for Christmas. We expect that mare than a couple of you are going to need help with those printers too. We are here to help! Stop by 3D Printing Providence at AS220 Labs Wednesday January 8th (from 7pm until late) for our free monthly meeting and we will do our best to get you up and running.



The holiday shopping season is in full swing and if you are struggling to find the right gift for that special 3D printing fan in your life (or possibly even yourself), then stop by Wednesday, December 11th, to check out the Form 1 from Formlabs. The Form 1 is on the cutting edge of desktop 3D printing. A true SLA printer, the Form 1 uses guided lasers to cure liquid resin into the desired model. The print quality provided by this technique leaves FFF printers in the dust. The Formlabs team will be joining us at 7pm at AS220 Labs. This is a great opportunity to ask questions and see examples of what this printer is capable of and hopefully see it in action.

Of course we will also have a few other machines on display and the regular crew will be there to answer any questions newcomers might have. Since this is our holiday meeting we will probably stick around late so if you can’t make it on time, don’t hesitate to stop by later but since the Form team is heading down from Boston we will be starting their portion on time (for once).