It’s time for our April meeting and this month we are going to hold off on any organized presentation and instead give more time towards showing off (or working on) our bots.  Feel free to bring in your printer or any projects you want to present to the group. Snacks and drinks are always appreciated but are not required. Of course as always, this meeting is free and open to new comers. We will be kicking off at 7pm at AS220 Labs on Wednesday, April 9th.



Often we get too caught up with the technology behind 3D printing and don’t spend enough time thinking about the wide range of things we can do with our printers. Sometime we need to stop and smell the roses and listen to a merry tune. Now with the Dreaming Pipes project on Kickstarter, your printer can create you a set of bagpipes (or a few other traditional instruments) so you can play your own tune. I’m really excited to see a project that is not only looking to use 3D printing to take a classic instrument to new levels but also make it affordable and easy for anyone to build. For a pledge of £35 you can get all the STL files you need to create a penny whistle, practice chanter, small pipes, and highland pipes. Of course instructions and bag patterns are included too. Continue after the break to see the creator demoing a set of 3D printed small pipes. Read More


Many of you have asked to learn more about the free open source 3D modeling tool, Blender. This month longtime 3DPPVD member Kelly Egan will guide us through the basics of using this powerful but daunting tool. From Kelly on the presentation:

Blender may have been designed for CG Animation but like many other 3D design tools they are adding features to help with 3D printing. In this presentation I’ll talk about those features, how I have designed a few 3D printed items using Blender and some of the benefits parts and drawbacks to using a animation package for solid modeling.

Join us Wednesday, March 12th at 7pm for this and our usual banter and idea exchange. This meeting is free and open to the public and will be held at our usual location, AS220 Labs on Lucy Way in the Mercantile block.

2014-02-09 18.07.47This month we will be showing off our love of 3D printing by creating Valentines gifts. New filaments are in the process of becoming FDA approved for food uses and we will employ one of them to demo casting chocolate hearts. Please join us as we melt our snow laden blues away with these sweet treats. The event is free and open to the public as always. We encourage you to bring some chocolate along for the melting if you would like to try your hand at the process. We will kick off at 7PM at AS220 Labs tonight February 12th.


Tis the season for giving and if the shipping numbers from some of our favorite 3D printing manufacturers are any indication, some of you are getting 3D printers for Christmas. We expect that mare than a couple of you are going to need help with those printers too. We are here to help! Stop by 3D Printing Providence at AS220 Labs Wednesday January 8th (from 7pm until late) for our free monthly meeting and we will do our best to get you up and running.



The holiday shopping season is in full swing and if you are struggling to find the right gift for that special 3D printing fan in your life (or possibly even yourself), then stop by Wednesday, December 11th, to check out the Form 1 from Formlabs. The Form 1 is on the cutting edge of desktop 3D printing. A true SLA printer, the Form 1 uses guided lasers to cure liquid resin into the desired model. The print quality provided by this technique leaves FFF printers in the dust. The Formlabs team will be joining us at 7pm at AS220 Labs. This is a great opportunity to ask questions and see examples of what this printer is capable of and hopefully see it in action.

Of course we will also have a few other machines on display and the regular crew will be there to answer any questions newcomers might have. Since this is our holiday meeting we will probably stick around late so if you can’t make it on time, don’t hesitate to stop by later but since the Form team is heading down from Boston we will be starting their portion on time (for once).


The team from ProtoPlant, Inc launched a Kickstarter to help bring to market their new line of 3D printing hybrid filaments: Proto-Pasta. Of course, since we are doing lots of filament research we couldn’t help but reach out to them and see if we could get a hold of some early samples to try out. The guys at ProtoPlant were happy to oblige and soon I was printing away in these awesome new materials.

If you are looking to get more out of your 3D printer by expanding the line of filaments and their capabilities, then this is a great way to get started. Head to Kickstarter now and back them before it’s too late. For a more detailed review, continue after the jump.

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This Wednesday, November 13th there will be no plastic spared and no quarter given (just pennies) as we meet on the field of battle (AS220 Labs). The walls of plastic will be built and swiftly destroyed by the rain of skillfully aimed pennies, for this is Seej and no place for the weak!

Seej is a fully 3D Printed game by Jim “Zheng3“. Players can expand upon the game using the many different models created by Jim and other members of the community or even create their own war machines to bring into battle. We will be holding a small tournament to see who is the true master of the plastic battle field, so be sure to arrive on time or you will be left as a spectator. To keep things fair we will only be using pieces from the main battle set in our tournament, but you are more than welcome to bring your own printed armaments to enjoy side skirmishes.

This is going to be a fun social meeting so if you have never joined us before, this is a great opportunity to do so. We will also be collecting any additional parts that any of our community members have created since our last prosthetics meet up. These will be bundled up and sent to Africa to meet up with our first batch of hands that are already there.

The meeting will start at 7pm with the battles beginning shortly after. This meeting is free and open to everyone but if you feel like bringing drinks, snacks, beer, etc to share with the rest of the group that would be greatly appreciated!


On October 17th, Jesse Harrington Au, the Maker Advocate for Autodesk will be visiting providence and is stopping in to visit us.  Jesse has given us a great teaser as to what he will be talking about:

“The 123D universe has become a vast place full of ways to design, create and fabricate, with this live demo of the tool chain from Design , Catch, and Make into Meshmixer and then out to 3D print utility you will get to see the full capabilities of radicalness involved with free software. I will also answer questions about life, dreams and guns.”

Join us at 7pm at AS220 labs for this special event.


As we reported last week, Adafruit, has helping organize a month long initiative to improve the functionality and production of 3D printed prosthetics. Every Friday this month, they will be hosting a Google hangout to show progress from the community and answer questions from those getting involved.

One of the main projects that has been adopted for helping those in need has been the Robohand project. There are numerous community members who are working on improving the design, including Michael Curry, who has designed a fully printable model without the need for any extra hardware.

On Friday, October 25th, 3DP PVD will be hosting a build party to bring together printers from around the region to help create these devices for those in need. We are working with other groups who are finding little heroes who are looking to become superheroes with their new mechanical hands!

If you have a 3D printer and would like to join us to help create these devices, come to AS220 Labs in downtown Providence, RI starting at 6pm on Friday October 25th. If you know a child who might benefit from one of these devices we would love to have them join us so we can fit them during the event. Please contact us at if you would like to join us or would like to help us out in anyway.

To find out more about these projects check out the links and video bellow.

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