Monthly Archives: June 2013


We are pleased to announce a special event tonight Tuesday June 18th. We are teaming up with Instructables to help celebrate the return of Tinkercad as it joins the 123D family. Join us as we have fun using these great tools that make 3D modeling easy. We will kick off around 7pm at AS220 Labs in Providence, RI. This event is free and is part of Labs weekly Open Hack night.


Not quite there, but hopefully someday.

One of the most exciting (and misunderstood) ideas to emerge with the explosion of 3D printing is using the technology to create living tissue. This new field of Bioprinting promises replacement organs, 3D printed steaks, and a range of new “biomaterials”. But, as is the case with all emerging technologies, there is a gap between the concrete deliverables and the conjectural possibilities. Wednesday night’s talk aims to explore both the current state of Bioprinting as well as its potential development, with emphasis on how the hacker/maker community might be able to contribute.

Join us at 7PM on Wednesday, June 12th at AS220 Labs for this presentation and stick around after to join in the conversation. As always this meeting is free and open to the public.