Introducing the Form 1

MIT Media Lab startup Formlabs has launched their new desktop stereo lithography 3D printer. This is the first┬ácommercially available true stereo lithography printer offered to a hobbyist or small company market. Unlike other resin printers that we have seen in the past, this machine does not use a projector to cure the resin but instead uses a laser to do the job. We are looking forward to seeing these bots in the wild but if you can’t wait to get your hands on one, head on over to their kickstarter to be one of the first to own one.

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  1. Joe said:

    I’ve been following Formlabs, this looks sweet.
    I’m doing a 3D printing demo at the Childrens’ Museum of Greater Fall River (Mass) on October 6 (a Saturday) from 10 til 2pm. I’m asking if anyone would like to help out/bring a printer. I’ve done this before alone and having only one printer going can be nerve wracking. I’ll do the talking if you prefer and provide a nice meal afterwards.